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Newman Venture Capital is a platform for VC, Investors, Startups, and Enterprises to connect Israel Innovation Technology with Asia. The synergy is hugh from the cooperation of innovation, market, investment, and mass production experience. Together with the alliance members, Newman Venture Capital plays an important role as the gateway to connect many resources and networks. We also aggressively involve in the Strategic Partnership, Joint Research, and Startup Projects by funding and technology cooperation. Our very focus is to "Connect Israel and Asia" and benefit each other and further generations.

Alliance Group

Belonging to CANAEON Group and being the member of "Millennium Ecosystem Alliance", Newman VC closely cooperates with following entities to build humbly a JUST Economy with Mercy. Newman Venture Capital Combines the resources and experience in education, VC, and Technology Industry. We are building a platform to connect Israel with Asia through co-education, co-innovation, and co-operation.

Newman Venture Capital
Newman VC Platform

Newman Venture Capital aims to build a platform to connect Taiwan and Israel and Asia. Vision is to integrate the resources of capital, innovation, startup, incubation, education, manufacturing, and market from both countries. Positively influence current and following generations.

Our Services
Venture Capital

We focus on the investment in the valuable projects in Israel and Asia. We ecourage and urge cross country cooperation through joint venture, joint research, and joint market development.

Platform to Connect Israel

Newman VC is a partner to you. We provide a platform for VC, Investors, and Enterprises to connect with Israel. We are well connected with 1st class acdemic institutes, government, industries, and investors. Through our innovation centers, it's a platform to engage state-of-art Israel innovation projects and technology.

Tech Transfer & Cooperation

Israel innovation environment is a miricle in the world. The highest RD investment and the most innovated technology all around the country. Technology transfer and cooperation with Israel is the key to take your company a very big step further. We are the bridge to connect you together.

Innovation Centers

Partnering with Canaan Capital, our Taipei innovation center will be ready in 2016. We are also planning an innovation center in Israel. The centers will provide real space for delegation, technology interaction, pitch events, investor meetings, co-working space, etc. It's an important milestone and gateway for the cooperation among Israel, Taiwan, and Asia.


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