"Chutzpah" is a Hebrew to describe the unique culture and personality of Israel people. It means courageous, direct, aggressive, creative, ardor, etc. It's also an important character for Israel to be the number 1 startup nation in the world.


Together with Taiwan Israel Chamber of Commerce, ISECOTAITRA, TIER, and PwC Strategic Industry Group, "Taiwan-Israel startup conference" has been initiated called "HUZPA CLUB". Taiwan is a gateway to Asia. The intention is to encourage the interaction between 2 countries in Startup ecosystem and move forward to Asia and Global market.


The conference is organized quarterly. Industrial leaders, Government officers, Talented startup teams, Investors, etc. will be invited. It's a great event to get strategic partners, investors, networking, and global connection. Through closer interaction and cooperation, both countries can be the help of each other in the area of Innovation, Technology, Market, and Mass Production experience. Also connect Israel, Taiwan, and Global Market.


Registration contact:, +886 2 8786 7511 Miss Hung


TEL: +886 2 6617 7269 / +852 8121 0998 

FAX: +852 3016 8664


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