Investment Strategy

In the CANAEON Group and partnering with CANAAN CAPITAL, Newman Venture Capital follows the inheritance of "Humbly Building a Just Economy with Mercy” through global impact investment. Focus on the connection with Israel innovation technology through funding, incubation, and cooperation. Vision to establish a platform to connect Israel and Global Chinese society.


We aim to generate promising profits and long-term wealth preservation to our investors through the investment combination of Startup, Joint-Research, and Strategic Cooperation portfolios.


The fund has following 3 investment strategies :

  • Core Model : Enhance income for existing investment with positive global impact.

  • Value-Added Model : Through strategic partnership and joint technology collaboration, re-position a company to generate more global and economic impact.

  • Growth Model : Incubate Startup companies. Bridge joint research projects. Increase innovation level and market visibility. Build promising global value & economic value.


The fund holds a mid to long term view for generating stable income and growing both global value & economic value by providing value-added factors into the project, in addition, the global benefit and positive impact is always our priority.

Business Model

Newman Venture Capital is a bridge between Israel and Global Chinese companies. Through funding, technology cooperation, and incubation, we provide a complete platform to connect Israel Innovation technology.

Portpolio Strategy

Newman VC encourages and urges the cooperation between Israel and Global Chinese Society in 3 different stages. Strategic Partnership, Technology Collaboration, and Early Stage Startup. The investment model combines from value protection to proft enhancement. Joint Ventures among Newman VC, Israel Companies, and Global Chinese Companies can be establshed for different projects.


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