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Consumer Physics
Trustworthy Medical Device Manufacturer


Medimor is a Medical Device Manufacturer based in Israel providing world class turnkey manufacturing solutions. Medimor is engaged with numerous Israeli medical device start-ups and can provide a window of engagement to these innovative Israeli companies.  


Medimor strives to simplify the operational requirements of its customers by providing in-house solutions for major manufacturing processes. It provides full turnkey manufacturing and NPI solutions for Medical Devices all under one roof: SMT, Clean Room Assembly, Conventional Assembly, Plastic and Silicon Injection, NPI Support. Medimor’s quality team oversees all aspects of the operation under ISO 13485 and FDA CFR21 part 820 standards. Medimor builds long-term partnerships based on mutual trust and outstanding results.

Taiwan Biomaterial
Foamy Dura Substitute


This revolutionary foamy gun was developed from several patented technologies to better satisfy the clinical unmet needs for dura reconstruction after brain and spinal surgeries. High-pressure gas and collagen are mixed in the spray gun to produce a highly porous foamy gel which is flowable, lightweight, and in-situ setting; therefore, dura mater repair is quick and easy.


The ergonomic foamy gun allows medical staff a natural hand posture and stable grip. This new sleek medical instrument sets a new standard in comfort and effectiveness after brain surgery and replaces time-consuming and risky suturing techniques for the dura mater repair.

3D Visual Fitting Room


Vismile is a highly innovative firm offering futuristic service. We have successfully developed the world’s first 3-D virtual fitting room for easy changing.

We are a team of young and passionate designers, engineers, and marketing professionals, creating cutting-edge solutions for the fashion industry.

Your Documents. Your Way.


Towards the end of the nineties when the Y2K concern was approaching and companies were upgrading their ERP systems, NAZDAQ was established in the city of Nazareth to fill a need of providing freedom in preparing and presenting Baan data. 

After working for many years with the Baan ERP system in the US and Israel, Bader Mansour – NAZDAQ’s founder - identified the need for a tool that would convert the data from Baan to the office environment. In 1999, after 5 years working in the Silicon Valley in the U.S., Bader returned to his home town of Nazareth and started NAZDAQ. His vision was to provide Baan add-ons that would enable e-mailing, faxing, archiving, and printing documents such as Purchase Orders and Invoices, and would allow an easy way to convert reports to Excel, Word, PDF HTML and XML. He also wanted to develop other solutions that would cover areas of document management, reporting and notification. 

Today, after 13 years, the NAZDAQ tools can support Baan, ERP LN and webtop and are installed on hundreds of servers in more than 60 countries around the world. They are used daily by users to automate transfer of Baan reports into front-office applications as well as automating business processes.

Consumer Physics
Solar Cell production equipments


Wakom Semiconductor Corp. is located in Hukou Industrial Park, Hsinchu County, Taiwan. With a focus on silicon solar cell process, Wakom Semiconductor provides mass production tools to the solar cell industries, including wet benches for Texture and other wet processes, and vacuum equipment for PECVD. 


   In order to provide customers with better and more reliable equipments, Wakom Semiconductor invested laboratory environment and fab facilities for process research and development. With continuous improvement and innovation, Wakom Semiconductor is your first choice for Solar Cell production. 

Intelligent Projector Design


iProjecteur Technology Inc.,founded in 2012,is a company specialized on the optical engine design of pico-projectors and various micro-displays. 2012.06.01 R&D Center was established in Innovation & Incubation Center of National Central University, Taiwan.

We provide our customers with the optical engine module to build higher value end products. Our corporate vision is to become a leading company with the capability to offer cost-effective solutions to our customers.

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